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Children Playing Outdoor

Little Apaches Preschool (4-5 Year Olds)

  • Teachers have either a BS (Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education), CDA (Childhood Development Associate Credential) or AAS (Associate of Applied Science degree in Early Childhood).

  • A full day program, 7:50-2:45; lunch is included.

  • 1:12 teacher-to-student ratio

  • Children learn fundamental academic skills in reading, math, science, and social studies through discovery and creative activities.

  • Classrooms are designed with clear focus areas, called centers, that offer a variety of activities.

  • Social skills are modeled by the teacher and practiced by the students throughout the day.

  • Children learn to understand their feelings and interact with their peers.

  • Outside play is a priority. It promotes exercising, socializing, sharing, taking turns, cooperating and problem solving.

  • Bus Transportation is provided for students in the District and for most outside of WCS District.

  • It is a paid-tuition preschool; however, assistance is available for families that meet the requirements. We also accept CCDF vouchers.

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