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Kids in Preschool

Young Learners (3&4 Year Olds) & Developmental Pre-K (4-6 Year Olds)

Should you as a parent feel that your child is struggling with some aspect of development, including speech/language, social skills, behavior, motor or learning skills, he or she may be eligible for preschool services. Services are provided based upon each individual child's needs. For example, a student may need speech therapy, community classroom support, physical/occupational therapy support, or direct services.

If there is a concern, the parent will be asked to fill out the required paperwork to schedule an initial evaluation. A licensed School Psychologist and Speech Language Pathologist will conduct an assessment of your child's skills. The assessment will include: visual motor, cognitive/learning, social, language, articulation (speech sounds), and hearing. If your concern is only for your child's speech, the evaluation will include articulation.

Should your child qualify for special services, our staff are licensed, highly-trained Developmental Preschool teachers. They plan and implement the specialized curriculum, designed to meet the specific needs of young children. Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapists provide services to Preschool teachers are assisted in the classrooms by trained and qualified teaching assistants. Our staff work cooperatively in our self-contained classrooms and provide services for children placed in community preschools. Often our special needs students participate in both a special education setting and in a community preschool, for a dual placement. This gives the special needs student an opportunity to learn alongside their typical peers to uphold IDEA laws for a Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

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